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News, Events and Photos

December 2014

We hold our annual panto. This year it was Jack and the Beanstalk and we had a full house with residents and their families joining in the singing. Here are a couple of photos from the day.

September 2014

We're in the newspapers and on the radio. Our cookbook has proved to be a great success. We have been on the BBC and Wessex FM. Click here to hear the interview on BBC Radio Solent.

We've also been in the local papers. Below are two of the recent articles.

Bridport News - 18 Sept 2014

View From Beaminster

September 2014

New pictures of Broadwindsor House taken in the late summer sunshine have just been released. Here's just two of them.

Broadwindsor House in the late summer sunshine

Late summer gardens

September 2014

We held the launch reception for our new cookbook. The cookbook contains a selection of nourishing and tasty recipes that are easy to prepare - ideal for those living alone or couples. We got together with the young chefs at Weymouth College to produce this special cook book and are now offering them at no charge.

On Friday, 12th September invited guests enjoyed the chance to try many of the recipes in the book. Here’s just a few of the photos from the day.

Copies of the cook book are available from Broadwindsor House as well as Beaminster Pharmacy, Beaminster Town Hall, The Yarn Barton Centre in Beaminster and other outlets throughout West Dorset. There's no charge for the cook book so pick up your free copy.

Each of the dishes is recreated

Queuing to try the recipes

Now it's time to try them

Guests enjoying the lunch

All that's left

September 2014: We Launch our Broadwindsor House Cook Book

We have got together with Weymouth College to produce a wonderful cookbook with nourishing recipes that taste great and are easy to produce - ideal for those living alone.

We are giving these away via local outlets such as doctors' surgeries and libraries. Alternatively just get in touch and we will send you a free copy.

If you would like to read it now click here.


Our very own resident Peggy Ward has just celebrated her 100th birthday with a surprise party.

We started by putting 100 balloons down the drive with each balloon saying '100 Today'. Then at lunchtime, family and friends plus all the residents joined Peggy for drinks and lunch.

Jeannie Rodway, our Manager said "Peggy is quite remarkable and one of our most popular residents. You would never believe she is 100 years old. People mistake her for being twenty years younger. Peggy really enjoyed the party. In fact she wanted it to go on and on."

Broadwindsor House hosts Garden Party

Early in June we hosted a garden party as part of the Broadwindsor Fun Weekend. Here's a selection of the photos from the day. We also entered the Best Scarecrow competition and guess what? Our Mole Catcher Scarecrow won. His picture is below as well.

Childrens painting competition at Broadwindsor House

Students from Broadwindsor School paid us a visit and were asked to paint a picture of Broadwindsor House. Here's a picture of some of them at work.

Hylda James with one of the lambs

We then asked the well known local artist, Jenny Cuthbert, to judge the pictures and below is the picture she picked. This was painted Farrell (aged nine ). Jenny praised the picture saying the technical skills in the picture were exceptional.

Hylda James with one of the lambs

Also pictured is Jenny Cuthbert with Farrell and Rosie (aged ten) who's painting was highly commended.

Hylda James with one of the lambs


We enjoy the weather in our wonderful gardens

The recent warm weather has seen our gardens spring into bloom. They look fantastic at the moment. A number of our residents decided to sit outside and soak up the sunshine. Here’s Hylda enjoying the fresh air.



Daffodils and Lambs At Broadwindsor House

Spring arrived early at Broadwindsor House. The gardens were filled with daffodils, while a local farmer brought in some new born lambs to meet the residents. The lambs were allowed to walk around the gardens and were fascinated by the residents, who were sitting outside enjoying the spring sunshine. Pictured is one of the residents, Hylda James with one of the new born lambs.

Hylda James with one of the lambs

Insects and Snakes At Broadwindsor House

We recently had a visit from Ross from The Zoo Lab who brought along a selection of usual creatures for the residents to meet. All were very tame and our residents enjoyed every minute. Below are some of the photos from the day.

New Manager at Broadwindsor House

Welcome to Jeannie Rodway who has just joined us as our manager bringing with her 30 years experience in the care industry.

Said Jeannie, "Broadwindsor House is such a wonderful place to work with its beautiful grounds and views. Over the next few months we will be introducing a number of new ideas, many involving the local community. We are also planning a series of local events that will encourage the community to visit us and enjoy this wonderful building and grounds. One thing I have already noticed is that Broadwindsor House is a happy place with the residents enjoying a great social life. We plan to develop this further."

Image of staff member picking our vegetables

Wonderful old gardens rediscovered

We are currently having our gardens updated and redesigned. Until recently part of the gardens had been allowed to become overgrown and nobody had any idea what they were hiding. Our Head Gardner, Clive, got a big shock when bit by bit he discovered a series of terraces with ponds, overgrown waterfalls and streams. We are now planning to restock the gardens and bring them back to their former glory. Once this is done we are looking to use the grounds for a series of outside events for our residents and outside visitors alike.

Christmas 2014 at Broadwindsor House



Read the Spring 2013 edition of the Broadwindsor House Newsletter.

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Broadwindsor House In The Press

'View From' Newspaper (7th February 2013)

A snowy visitor to Broadwindsor...

Bridport News (13th February 2013)

More fun in the snow...

Bridport News (6th March 2013)

Enthusiastic gardeners at Broadwindsor House...

Bridport News (20th March 2013)

Hidden gardens found at Broadwindsor House...


Image of staff member picking our vegetables Producing our own food

Picking our vegetables

Producing our own food

Image of residents playing pass the parcel Image of elderly residents arranging flowers

Producing our own food

Pick your own

Image of staff members building a snowman Image of a resident and a member of staff laughing

Staff entertain the residents with a snowman

Sharing a laugh together

Image of a Broadwindsor resident with their pet Image of a resident enjoying New Years' Eve

New Years' Eve party

Not just residents enjoy living at Broadwindsor House

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Broadwindsor House delivers the care that promotes independence and keeps the dignity of all residents.

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The Broadwindsor House Cookbook

We have got together with Weymouth College and produced a wonderful cookbook full of tasty nourishing recipes - ideal for couples or those living alone. We are giving these away from local outlets such as doctors' surgeries and libraries, but if you want us to send you a copy just get in touch. If you would like to read it now just click on the below. Broadwindsor House Cook Book

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